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06-09-2022 14:32

sixnine-design – function & design

We are offering high quality indoor and outdoor products of different brands mainly of it’s own manufacturing 'made in Germany'. The focus is on litter bins of all kind made of stainless steel, steel or aluminium. Waste bins for hotels and office buildings, benches and seating systems, Litter Bin with funnel top made of stainless steel for interior and exterior furnishing as well as portable dance floors and staging for event and banquet areas.

To meet customer demand to furnish e.g. office buildings, airports, shopping centers, shopping malls or banks the product ranges embrace everything from paper bins, large capacity bins to security bins for ATM areas. The delivery programme is complemented by functional products i.e. litter separation systems, smoker stands, customer guidance systems and extraordinary flower-planters and pedestals made of stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and natural materials for high class interior furnishing. Last but not least a wide range of accessories expands the possible use of the products allowing to perfectly adjust to customer needs.

function & design

The quality of space is defined by how it is perceived. It is the accessories that make the difference to that experience. When developing a product sixnine-design focuses on the combination of design and function as mutual components. Functionality is the concluding element of design. Often a customer request will result in a product being developed. Together with our specialists such requests are being fulfilled. Sixnine-design manufactures in Germany because it allows greater flexibility and control to produce high quality products. The sixnine-design products are manufactured in a way that meets the requirements of the highest specification. For example Litter Bins are seamless, brushed and bases are welded watertight. This is possible as a result of specialist welding equipment developed by us. Our metal stainless steel and aluminium finish is produced by a concentrated brushing process and is characteristic of sixnine-design

Optitech is a well established importer and distributor company in Hungary. We are active for more than 20 years.

1161 Budapest, Rákosi út. 131

(36-1) 403-2724


H-CS 9-17, P 9-14

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