• sixnine-design - indoor and outdoor commercial bins

    sixnine-design – function & design

    We are offering high quality indoor and outdoor products of different brands mainly of it’s own manufacturing 'made in Germany'. The focus is on litter bins of all kind made of stainless steel, steel or aluminium. Waste bins for hotels and office buildings, benches and seating systems, Litter Bin with funnel top made of stainless steel for interior and exterior furnishing as well as portable dance floors and staging for event and banquet areas.

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  • Ligno Facto Benches and Seating Systems

    Individually designed benches as well as complex bench systems in variations with a material mix of wood, granite, leather, steel and stainless steel.
    The focus is high class and durable seating and systems for interior and exterior e.g. shopping malls made to customer specification 'made in Germany'.

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  • We furnish your bar or tasting room

    For professionals and at home, the Wine Space is an important part of hospitality, a refinement within contemporary living.
    Each project can be individually customised by combining different sized modules.The various layout options meet the wine lover’s functional choices for storing and presenting their bottles including in separate niches, all together, on inclined planes, compartmented drawers for wine wooden boxes. Designed for professional use, the interior design units have a refined visual look and can be easily incorporated into any environment. The materials used are authentic and durable: steel, solid wood, tempered glass, etc.

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  • Professional shelf systems for shops and gastronomie

    Professional shelf system, wine cellars, wine cabinets and gastro installations
    We are here to help all wine professionals looking to create a unique wine space. Our solutions meet the needs of a vast range of professionals, from restaurant owners to hoteliers, wine merchants, wineries, mass retailers, storage space rental services, tasting clubs, and many more.

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  • Outdoor and emergency radios

    Outdoor Series Introduction
    Outdoor activities are a great way to escape the daily routine and rejuvenate yourself. They can be much more fun when you bring along your favorite music. However, most outdoor can be harsh for the typical radio. You don't want to spoil the fun by carrying such a radio. Luckily, brands identified this gap a couple of years ago and decided to create radios suitable for outdoor activities. In this article, I will introduce the outdoor series.

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Optitech is a well established importer and distributor company in Hungary. We are active for more than 20 years.

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