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simplehuman ST1500 liquid sensor pump max (946 ml), brushed

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The simplehuman touch-free sensor pump max is built for business, but is also perfect for busy households.
It makes it easy for anyone to wash their hands using soap or sanitiser without leaving any germs behind for the next user – keeping them clean and safe.
It has a clog-proof tubing pump that ensures a precise and consistent flow, and the silicone valve prevents messy drips.
To control the amount of soap desired, you can position your hand up close to the sensor for a little soap and farther away for more.
Its secure lid can only be opened to refill using the included tool, while the large opening makes refills fast and easy.
It’s powered by four D-cell batteries that can last up to 1 year.
The sensor pump max comes with a 946ml fragrance free hand sanitiser refill pouch and optional wall mount bracket (screws included) so you can mount it up and out of the way, and its elegant design enhances and elevates any surrounding.
Use simplehuman soap or sanitiser for optimum pump performance.
touch-free: Neat, easy and automatic. Touch-free operation means no germs passed on and no smudges left behind.
built for heavy use: Designed for business but also perfect for busy households, the sensor pump max's extra-large 946ml capacity means less frequent refills and four D-cell batteries last for up to 1 year.
clog-proof tubing pump: For precise and consistent soap flow.
adaptive sensing: Sensor lens adapts to its environment to prevent false triggers, even if it gets smudged.
variable dispense: Position your hand up close for a little soap and farther away for more.
optional wall mount fixture: Fixture and screws included with soap pump.
secure lid: Included tool is the only way to open the lid for refill for added security.
the perfect soap and sanitiser: Use simplehuman soap or sanitiser for optimum pump performance.
waterproof for easy cleaning: With an IP67 rating, you can rinse the pump in the sink to keep it clean.
material: high-grade stainless steel
finish: brushed
capacity: 946ml
warranty period: 1 year
power source: 4 D batteries
soap type: liquid
product dimensions: 29,90 x 9,90 x 16,50 cm (h x w x d)
weight (kg): 1.10

Product data
Dispensor type
Touch-free sensor
Refill type
Liquid soap

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